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At Superspeed, our employees work hard to build strong and lasting relationships and that come from serving our customers the right way, by concentrating on your business needs and goals.


High Tech 

Obsolescence risks, shorter life cycles and rising inventory values are just some of the issues facing the High Tech industry today.  By focusing on solutions for a shorter route to your customers, reduced inventory and greater efficiency and visibility throughout the supply chain.

Valued-added services for the High Tech industry include:

  • Customized/Specialized electronics logistics

  • Vendor managed inventory

  • Product quality management

  • Reverse logistics (returns and repairs)                                      



By partnership with you, customized solutions to meet the competitive market and changing environment of the industry to your customers in the retail industry.

We consolidate goods from multiple suppliers and offer value-added services such as repackaging and labelling before cross-docking and distribution to retail outlets.

  • Re-packing and labelling

  • Distribution to retail outlets

  • Distribution management


Consumer & Emerging Businesses

Our experiences in the Americas give us special insight into the logistics requirements of the consumer products industries and emerging businesses. You can focus on meeting your customer needs while we help you realize economies of scale in customs clearance and governmental inspections and examinations and in transportation are critical factors.

We offer a wide spectrum of supply chain services from distribution to retails and product recalls:

  • Promotional packaging

  • Product recall management

  • Product disposal

  • Door/Store delivery and services                                              


Medical & Pharmaceuticals

Our business with leading medical device and pharmaceuticals companies as well as customers in the health care industry, and personal care services, we focus on supply chain solutions by addressing the specific needs of you and your customers.  We handle a full range of health care related products and services that ensure you and your customers less cost pressures:

These are some of the specialized services that we provide:

  • Medical suppliers procurement

  • Hospital logistics support

  • Health care logistics support                                                    


Industrial                                                                                                                                                                  We apply industry specific technology to provide supply chain solutions for the industrial sector that comply with international Safety, Health and Environmental standards.

Some of the services provided to the industrial sector:

  • Hazardous product handling

  • On-site management

  • Handling and storage of bulk and liquid products                          



Customized our supply chain solutions that support new product development, manufacturing cycle, spare parts management and after market operations for the automotive industry.

Our cost effective solutions include value-added services such as:

  • Sourcing and procurement

  • Quality assurance

  • Parts distribution

  • JIT production feeding                                                           

Airlines Amenities

Our experience supply chain management and logistics engineer in the airlines in-flight amenities give you the advantage into the logistics and inventory management with vendor and suppliers. Know-how are key allowing you to successfully compete in the rigorous market.

Our cost-effective solutions include value-added services such as:

  • Logistics distribution

  • JIT production feeding


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